We are an interdisciplinary architecture office operating continuously since 1972. For over four decades now, we have been building our market position as a strong and reliable partner for investment projects, supporting our clients in across a variety of architectural projects. The multidisciplinary team of our office, operating within an expanded scope of architecture-design services, has retained its flexibility.


The office currently employs 25 people, with a clear growth trend. The organizational system of BRK Solutions has expert design teams. We also cooperate with experts from all branches across Poland and Europe.

BRK Solutions represents a multi-level range of services related to managing investment processes in the area of architecture, which consists of three fundamental project-management processes: Barefoot, Research, Kickoff.


We make a conscious effort to maintain a direct connection with a place. We are careful with every step we take, reducing investment risks to the minimum. We offer our clients a comprehensive analysis of investment implementation opportunities, taking into account location, spatial development policies and market conditions. We perform the supervision of investment implementation, guarantee the ongoing cost monitoring, even active participation in the building commercialization process.


We create modern architecture based on context analysis. The experience gained in our planning know-how has taught us how to interpret the signals coming to us from the surrounding area. Thanks to design-activity analysis we develop an assessment of plot development options as well as the possibilities to incorporate the local development plan, we verify the planned investment against the provisions of the local spatial development plan, we assess the requirement for the media, grids and communication infrastructure, in the initial phase of investment planning, before land purchase.


The broad outlook and multi-disciplinary scope of the office guarantees our clients a full image of the investment environment. Thanks to the analysis of so-called soft factors related to an investment, we are in a position to diagnose unfavourable environmental trends in time, i.e. ones which could affect the project management process and prolong its implementation time. We build stable foundations for the development of the business of our clients.




A special award in Diamenty Forbesa 2013 (Forbes Diamonds, 2013) for companies within the profit range of 5-50 million PLN in Małopolska.

Certificate of Appreciation awarded in 2000 by The United States Agency for International Development and The Republic of Poland, signed by Poland’s Prime Minister, Mr. Jerzy Buzek and J. Brady Anderson, representing the U.S. Agency for International Development.

1st Prize – Developing the architecture concept for the development of the area between the AGH C-3 and C-4 pavilions, in the area of ul. Czarnowiejska

1st Prize in the “Kraków mój dom" (“Kraków my home”) competition in the residential architecture category for the residential and commercial building situated at ul. Kamienna 19b, implemented by Fronton Sp. z o.o.

The winner of the “Kraków bez barier" architecture competition in 2015 for Centrum Energetyki Akademii Górniczo-Hutniczej w Krakowie (AGH Centre for Energy).

2nd Prize (joint award) in the “ul. Kopernika” competition for the development of the urban concept of Kraków’s Śródmieście (Old Town) area between ul. Lubicz, Al. Powstania Warszawskiego, ul. Grzegórzecka, Wielopole and Westerplatte.

Level 3 Award in the competition for the development for the development of the Competition Concept for the Investor Support Centre in Kraków (opracowanie Koncepcji Konkursowej Centrum Obsługi Inwestora w Krakowie).

Level 1 Award – granted by the Minister of Spatial Development and Construction, for outstanding creative achievement in the area od spatial and urban development and for the development of the local spatial development plan for Zamość - 1995

Level 1 Award - granted by the Minister of Spatial Development and Construction for outstanding creative achievement in the area od spatial and urban development and for the development of the local spatial development plan for Tarnów – 1995

Level 1 Award – granted by the Minister of Construction, Spatial and Communal Planning, for outstanding creative achievement in the area of spatial and urban development, architecture and construction design, construction, construction-materials industry, as well as communal services, for the development of the general spatial development plan for Kraków - 1987