The investment consists of a residential area, including commercial spaces on the ground floor and a separate, commercial-office secion, situated near ul. Lekarska. The building will house 172 flats with a functional design, ranging between 31 to 65 m2.

The vintage elevation of Artigraph Towarzystwo Drukarskie na Papierze i Blasze S.A. (Artigraph Print Society) followed by Przedsiębiorstwa Opakowań Blaszanych Opakomet (Opakomet Metal Packaging Enterprise) relates to the post-industrial history of the place. The whole project has been supplemented by the new block covered with faced brick, meticulously chosen finish materials, porte-fenêtre windows and full glazing in the office section, underline the industrial legacy of the place.

Location: ul. Prądnicka 65
Project: 2015
Implementation: Q1, 2017